About Us

Our Approach

To thrive, men must increase investment in emotional consciousness and self-care. We are operating on an emotional neglect autopilot. This exacerbates a lack of connection already fostered in a society wrought with electronic Anhedonia and relational estrangement. Emotional starvation, is robbing us of the skills necessary to thrive in relationships with ourselves and others.

We are culturally and socially programmed to relentlessly push for success as perceived by others. Our non-existent boundaries breach and we overlook inner-heart cries for help. The Wholehearted Men initiatives purpose is to support men to access and gain knowledge, resources, language, skills  and communities that foster healthier living.

Our Story

We have been mentoring and leading youth towards mature citizenry since 1994.  We believe in educating communities to form environments of trust and support for its population.  We have established a track record of community involvement and programmatic amalgamation. We are hands-on, and believe in direct-delivery and working -in the trenches- with critical stakeholders.  

Meet the Team

Wholehearted Men is the brainchild of Author, Educator, Blogger, Speaker, Radio Show Host, Podcaster and Entrepreneur Soneka Kamuhuza.

Soneka Kamuhuza

Founder & CEO

Soneka has 18 years as a higher-education administrator.  In 2010, he established Moseis-Steps LLC, a Staffing Development & IT company. In June of this same year, he published his first book, A Poet Becalmed. He is a blogger featured in books such as “The Ball is Round” by David Goldblatt and a contributor on Zambia with Global Voices. He is a speaker, mentor, corporate trainer and workshop leader.  Working with an affiliate, he formed Standing Tough on My Promise (SToMP) an informative youth forum, employing activity as its primary vehicle. He partners with non-profit organizations to create - male invested- educational discourse.

A seasoned coach, he led Newbury College in Brookline MA to the Southern New England Conference Soccer Championship in 1994.  His latest venture is the Institute for Wholehearted Men, with its initial offering The Wholehearted Men Show (WHM Show) on MyStar Radio.


Next Steps...

To provoke men and boys to discerning choices about their heart, health, character and legacy.