Wholehearted Men Show

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Are men emotionally resilient? That’s the question that WHM Show explores. I explored this for myself over the past five years. In this period I lost my mother, moved states thrice, changed churches, was unemployed thrice and had another child. All the emotions you could possibly cram into five years, I experienced.

I discovered that I was ill-equipped to be vulnerable or gentle with myself. Unable to  acknowledge my own feelings,  I pushed through because I was expected to provide, shelter, food, leadership, strength, direction, to stay on mission. I was not expected to engage in grief, sorrow, sadness, let alone take time out to cry for my mother or myself.  It was one of the loneliest places I’d ever been.

WHM is about exploring what truly constitutes wholesomeness in men with or without engaging our heart space. What are the cultural and societal expectations of Manhood and are these norms fair, right or healthy? How do we develop shame resilience and a structured approach to being Wholehearted without being viewed negatively by a judgmental society?

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