Midlife Crisis – Episode 13

Here are some highlights from our interview with Christopher Bell III, the Chief Operating Officer (COO) at StealthEnomics™ a one-stop for busy, purposed professionals desiring to launch, build, or grow a business. He shares:

A midlife crises usually is in contrast with midlife victory as well, You can’t have one without the other. The crises part of it is when probably a man or an individual coming to terms with a presumption of where they should be, that’s superimposed against the reality of where they are. Many times I think it’s about where that man is in the stage in his life where he can uncover and earnestly work on his purpose and his why. It allows him to see his ideas, his experiences in the hearts and minds of people were they can matter and transform lives long after he’s gone. The problem is that he looks at his current condition and situation and asks, “Really do I have enough left to actually ride this horse?”

We have to learn to live life more intentionally, pay attention to every move and don’t take it for granted. With that comes a heightened sense of the fear of failure, because you realize that on this runway of life you don’t have a lot of runway left to be able to pull back on the throttle.  You need to be able to push forward to get up off the ground to make sure that your legacy is actually going to have altitude to fly longer further than you will actually live.”

I probably consider myself to be an intellectual athlete, one who loves the pain and the rigor of discovery. With that comes knowledge but not necessarily understanding. That is the application of knowledge to things that really matter. And as I’ve matured and seasoned, I’ve come to understand that what really matters most of the time isn’t something that is actually tangible. What matters are the quality of the relationships I have, because in the end, what I know really doesn’t matter except the fact that I’m loved,  I’m respected and I’m cared for. I’m giving consideration to those kinds of things. When you gain them or secure them through no work of your own, where you’ve actually done nothing, but people love you in spite of yourself, they care about you just because of who you are. At times when that takes place, it does force you to step back a little bit and look at the facts, and the facts are maybe we’re not all that.  But the truth is, we are more than we could ever hope for and ever hope to be and there are people in our lives who can speak that kind of truth into our lives when we don’t believe it and elevate us to spaces and places that defy our imagination. That’s a good reason to be excited about life the big deal is that you realize the tangibles help you keep score. But the tangibles will not give you the immense elation of scoring. What it is actually to live in to be on the field to sweat and staying and hurt and love and celebrate and care.

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